May 2018 - Pearl DrumS Endorsement !

I am super excited to announce that I have officially joined the PEARL DRUMS Family as an Artist/Endorser!  It is a huge honour for me to become an official  Pearl Artist!  As a kid, so many of my drumming heroes played Pearl Drums and joining  the Pearl Family is definitely a career highlight for me! 

After playing and experimenting with drums made by many different drum manufacturers and craftsman over the  years, I have found my home at Pearl Drums!  I have been playing Pearl Drums and hardware for much of my career so far and I find the gear, the brand, the company and the people at Pearl to be top notch for all that I do.  Pearl's dedication to their craftsmanship and  innovation in making such fine instruments combined with their incredible hardware, percussion gear,  electronic percussion and accessories seals the deal for me.  A true full service drum company lead by industry professionals who genuinely love drums and drumming as well as the artists who use their products! A huge thank you to Peter Marunzak at Pearl Canada and Steve Armstrong for working with me to make this dream come true! I am grateful and excited for all that is to come! 


07.30.17 NEW GIG!

I am excited to announce that I have joined Crazy Dave's Renegades as their new drummer!

Show dates and more info coming soon! 

03.16.17 TnR Booty Shakers!

TnR Products - Booty Shakers

TnR Products - Booty Shakers

I am thrilled to be using and endorsing the incredible Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers by TnR Products! 

Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers are Drum Isolation Mounts & Air Suspension Mounts designed to prevent the loss of tone and resonance of our drums due to their contact with the floor and/or the hardware that they are mounted on allowing us to hear the true sound of our drums. These cool little devices eliminate the transfer of vibrations from your drums to the floor and or hardware that they sit on and absorb the shock resulting in better stick rebound and overall drum sound. They also help in increasing the volume and projection of your drums and prevent premature sound decay created by your drum and its contact with the floor and/or stands. Super cool stuff! 

A big thank you to Rich and Toby at TnR Products for their incredible and innovative products, for their amazing support and for adding me to their roster of endorsing artists! Be sure to check them out! TNR PRODUCTS


09.19.16 Can Do Musos !

09.12.16 New Host On Around The Kit Drum Talk Radio

04.09.16 Aquarian Drumheads New Artist

11.07.2015 DRUMTACS


11.08.13 Official Vic Firth Endorser And Education Team Member!


07.29.13 Check out Heartbeat Cymbals! Hand crafted, hand hammered Turkish Cymbals

07.15.13 Carmichael Thrones and Seating