My clinics offer a fun and comprehensive presentation of all things drums and drumming. Designed for beginners to pro level drummers, my clinics are interactive and audience driven events that are centered around providing drummers with the knowledge, tools and resources to be their very best. My goal is to bring drummers together to share, learn, inspire and grow together and to further develop our amazing drumming community.

Whether you are looking for assistance in choosing the right gear for your situation, getting the best sound out of your drums or more perspectives on drumming theory, technique, approaches and practice tips, I offer my best to assist you in reaching your goals!

Clinic Overview:

-  Performance - Drumming

-  Playing For The Song And The Band - Writing and Recording As A Drummer

-  Hand And Foot Synergy - Developing 4 Limb Independence and Interdependence

-  The History of Rhythm And Drumming 

-  Enhancing  Your  Creativity As  A Drummer

-  The Importance Of Dynamics In Your Drumming 

-  Theory And Technique 

-  Keeping It Simple - Building Strong Foundations

 -  The Science Behind Our Drum Sounds

 -  Drum Tuning - Achieving Our Dream Sound

 -  Tune-Bot Presentation and Demonstration

 -  How Drum Shell Materials and Construction effect our sound

 -  Drum Head, Drum Stick and Cymbal Selection and how they effect our sound

 -  Getting the most out of our Drums -

     Tips and Gear that enhance/improve our overall sound

 -  Kickport Presentation and Demonstration

 -  Gear Maintenance

 -  Drumming Ergonomics -

     Setting up your drum kit for maximum effectiveness, injury prevention and playability

 -  Gigging and Performance Tips

 -  Using Sound Systems and Microphones with our Drums

 -  Recording Drums in the studio environment

 -  Practice Approaches -

     Goal Setting, Time Management, getting the most out of our practice time

-   Questions, Answers and Solutions

I am a proud endorser of and a clinician for Pearl Drums, HeartBeat Cymbals and PercussionTune-Bot/Overtone Labs, Vic Firth, Aquarian DrumheadsHumes & Berg CasesPrologix Percussion, Carmichael Drum Thrones, Drumtacs, Cympad, Canadian Drum Gear, and The Beyond Failure Drum Tribe,  

For more Drum Sound and Tuning Clinic information and/or to schedule me to conduct a clinic at your business, school, or event, please contact me here. Thank you!